Thursday, February 19, 2015

7 Pictures that will make you go WTF

Cringe Worthy Pictures.

Waring: Some images are very graphic,

1. Pain in one picture
Only a picture to describe the pain

2. Peeling of Sunburn
Peeling off sunburn after it heals

3. Cheap Plaster
That was very very cheap plaster

4. creepy!
Sleep is for the weak anyway

5. Oh Hell No!
The 17 Nopiest NOPES Youll See Today

6. Demon worm!
The 17 Nopiest NOPES Youll See Today

7.  Wooooah! That must hurt!

8 Pictures of Dogs That Are Too Cute To Handle

1. Isn't this cute?

2.Yeah, i can hear your "Awwww"'s from here.

3. You wish you have him as a passenger don't you?
After two days of camping on the beach, she is ready to go home

4. How about a selfie buddy?
This dog is special...

5. Or a box of chocolates?
Box of chocolates

6. Cuteness Overload!
Dog in duck pajamas

7. Grandma Dog
My grandmother looks a bit different

8. Believed to be the biggest pit bull in the world.
"Hulk" is believed to be the word's biggest pit bull.

Monday, March 3, 2014

14 Things Women Should Stop Doing

There are a lot of things men like about women, like the way you smile, the way you tie those hairs back and many more. However, there are a lot of things that turn us off too. I hope you take a look at yourself and replenish your positive vibes by stopping these kinds of behavior.

1. Excessive makeup

Excessive makeup
grabbed from

Yes we understand that women needs makeup but is it really necessary to put on that very thick makeup that we can literally feel how heavy your face feels? I mean, you are more beautiful if you just highlighted your beauty. It’s a lot more horrible if you hide your face. It’s like you don't even love your own face that you put on a mask everyday. Come on ladies, it's really stupid.

2. The wrong concept of gender equality.

Grabbed from

This is for those women who fight for gender equality. I respect your opinion on matters of gender equality but please, once you exercise your rights, don't be mad we don't give way to you on queues or give you discounts on things because you're a woman. We should be equals. That means, however people treat men, should be the same treatment to you ladies. Also, whenever men opens a door for you, don't assume that we are against gender equality. That is called chivalry. And chivalry is not dead.


3. Diet

Grabbed from

Some people don't remember that what we call diet today should be called "proper diet". Just because some famous celebrity is on the cover of a magazine, doesn't mean that your body should look exactly like her. Diet is balanced meal, exercise and healthy living and not depriving yourself from food. Go on and indulge yourself with those tasty chocolates but remember not to eat too much. With just the right amount and the proper equivalent exercise, you'll do fine. Men don't like skinny women; we don’t like fat women either. Not unless it's an illness and there's nothing you can do. But as long as there's is a way, you should try it. No excuses.

4. Minding other people's business

grabbed from

There are times when all you see are other people's businesses. Women notice everything. I'm sure you'll notice the couple wearing the same shirts then thinking "why the hell did they wear that in public?". You will notice the green sandals of the woman behind us and thinking that she doesn't look good on it. You'll notice the body of a model on a poster and compare yourself to her. Why should you care about their business? Mind your own business, they have their own and they won't even care about what you think. Just enjoy the place and the time and not destroy yourself thinking malicious thoughts about others.

5. Wearing uncomfortable clothes/shoes.

Grabbed from

I know about the idea of "dress to impress". But if you are not comfortable wearing a five inch heels everyday that your face crumples like a grumpy old woman because of the pain you feel on your soles, then why freaking wear it? You could have put on shoes that are more comfortable and would bring a pleasant face to your face. Your aura alone is a good way to impress.

6. Applying nail polish the wrong way.

Look, your body is a canvas and you paint on it every day. Why not do it the right way? I saw some ladies sometime ago that have a nice work of art on her nails. However, it looked disgusting. Why? It was not painted the right way, there were lots of smudges, and there were lumps. Ladies, If you cant paint you nails right, there are nail spas everywhere. They specialize on this. But if you can't afford it, try to practice it then. The image below might help. If not, just clean your nails and leave it as is. Trust me, it's better that way.

Grabbed from

7. Treating every man as douchebags.

Grabbed from

Just because all of your ex-boyfriends are douche bags, that doesn't mean that all men are. Treat men as you would treat yourself. Don't always assume that he will destroy your life. You'll never know, he might be the one for you. And if you treat him badly the first time you met and without him even doing anything wrong, then you just might have missed the opportunity of your life.

8. Complicating everything.

Grabbed from

Everything is simple. If you have a problem, tackle the problem. Don't make other problems out of that problem and don't runaway either. If you have a fight with your boyfriend, talk about it. Don't take all past issues and dump them the same time you are fighting about a very simple thing. It will make it worse, I promise. Find the cause of the issue and solve it. Don't just stand there and find someone to blame. Just don't.


9. Making issues out of everything.

Grabbed from

Just because your boyfriend have a lady workmate, don't assume that they are doing nasty things. They might be JUST workmates. Don't be that over-attached to him. It will kill your relationship. You have a boyfriend, not a prisoner. Not a slave and certainly not a younger brother. Trust him like he trusts you and things will work out fine.     

Here are some other (runners-up) things women should stop doing. I won't go into details here anymore. These should be self explanatory.

            10. Hating your body.
            11. Skipping the gym then whining about not going
            12. Getting upset over everything (even though you're in your red days).
            13. Buying clothes and not wearing them.
            14. Fishing for attention on Facebook. (This is just aweful)

Monday, February 24, 2014

5 Things to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S5

According to news around the web, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in Barcelona, Spain during the Mobile World Congress and it has been said that a pretty significant amount of upgrade can be expected from it. So, what should we expect from the upcoming trend from Samsung?

1. Durability
    As we all know, the exchange for having a slim and light yet fast phone is its durability. However, reports said that better materials are going to be used and rumor has it that the SGS 5 will be waterproof and dust proof.
2. Fingerprint Scanner
    While Apple already released this kind of technology with their new iPhone 5S, Samsung might have a little twist. Reportedly, They are going to put the scanner in the home button instead of the screen. Reports from around the web also say that the technology will be integrated throughout the whole operating system and up to 8 fingerprints can be stored in its database.
3. 16 MP Camera
Samsung is also one of the leaders in camera technology as they have already released one too many Digital Cameras. According to rumors, the new and improved camera can shoot at 4K video quality at 30 frames per second and at 1080 video quality at 60 frames per second. It is also rumoured to feature a sensor which allows you to take pictures by tapping the side of the device, instead of searching around for the physical button.

4. Yet Another Big Screen.
     With an expected screen size of 2560x1440 at HD quality, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is reported to be one hell of a buffed glass. With its Super AMOLED technology, we sure are going to be amazed once again with what Samsung has to offer.
5. More Powerful Hardware.
    Just like Apple's iPhone 5S upgrade, Samsung is going to take the SGS 5 to a whole new level with a 64-bit processor.    It was said that the technology will be powered up by 3 gigabytes of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rendered concept
Samsung Galaxy S5 rendered concept, grabbed from

Four Reasons Why "Guardians of the Galaxy" is Exciting.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Image grabbed from

1. Bad-assery is just overwhelming.

Batista (Dave Bautista) is gonna be playing Drax the Destroyer. The energy blasting, hulk-like monster. Who better portray this than a body-builder / pro-wrestler huh?

Bradley Cooper is gonna voice the kick ass, machine-gun-weilding racoon, Rocket. Oh yeah! Need I say more?

And one more bad-ass to complete the movie: Vin Diesel! Ladies and gents, I don't need to explain this further do I? He's gonna voice Groot, the tree looking bad-ass assistant of Rocket.

2. A vixen is in the house ya'll!

Zoe Saldana plays Gamora. The sexy, agile, and vicious self-healing assassin. With this reason alone, I think I shouldn't miss this movie. Right?

3. Chris Pratt's portrayal of Peter Quill.

In my opinion, I think Pratt can play the character really well. He's the perfect balance of action and comedy, so the character will really jived with him. He plays the witty, cunning superhero that completes the group, Peter Quill. He will be most likely the comedic part of the movie. Based from the trailers, he's just some ordinary man who uses his wits and charm to get out of situations. Although with just his wits, brilliance and strategies, he became the leader of the group. Leading characters with superhuman strength, and abilities. Now that, my friend, is one hell of a bad-ass!  

4. Marvel and Disney.

This two Giants never fail to give us our moneys worth with their animated movies. With top of the line CGI effects and animation, the movie will surely be one of the greatest hits.
Not to mention that this is a part of a very, very long story (Include: The Avengers and the members' separate movies) regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the tenth installment in the franchise.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

12 Things To Do This Valentines 2014

This coming Valentine's day, It is hard to plan what to do to impress the lover isn't it? Well lucky for you I have got some ideas from around the web that you can use to ensure a romantic heart's day 2014.

1. Hiking
    Here's a fun way to get to know each other more and appreciate nature at the same time. It's also a good to way burn those extra calories you both gained during those intense chocolate eating days. However, to make hiking romantic, there are some guidelines you must follow as hiking is considered to be strenuous. Be sure to choose a destination that is easily reached. You don't want to have those awkward silence moments in the car do you? Bring something you can sit on so that you won't ruin that sexy yoga pants she wore. And to top it off, bring something nice for her that she won't expect you'll have in the mountains. A bottle of champagne, or a box of chocolates maybe? By the way, Let your girl set the speed and pace and suggest time-outs along the way. It's not about fitness - unless you are both into that.
    Here are some trails you can trek within just a day:

2. Aquarium.
    If you are into fishes and awe, why not visit the local city aquarium? The aquarium would be the perfect place if you are trying to get to know someone. There's plenty of room for conversation because there isn't much distraction and with just the right amount of cash, you can already enjoy a lovely hearts day with your partner. Throw in a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates and you are done! I heard Manila Ocean Park is nice this time of year.

3. Art gallery / Museum
    If you are both into arts, then visit the local museums or art galleries around the metro. While others might say that this is boring but when a guy researched a little and played his "Did-You-Know" game to his best, your girl might just drop her jaw in awe of your knowledge. See, nerdy today is the new sexy according to Australia's OK Magazine (

4. Acoustic show
    Music always soothe the heart and mind, so wouldn't this be a lovely idea for you to start the mood this valentines? To top the night off, you can discretely request the performers to let you sing and serenade your partner until her heart melts. However, be sure to prepare yourself for this. Practice singing the song. If you are going to play an instrument, practice that too. And please, choose the song wisely. Figure out the song's meaning first. You don't want to end up being slapped on the face so hard your eyeballs might fall out.

5. Ice skating.
    According to, Ice skating is one of the top things to do on a date so here's a lovely excuse for you to hold each others hand. And a nice way to cool off those hot bodies! Don't worry if your hands both get sweaty while holding hands, it's not that awkward unless you make it awkward.

6. Stargazing.
    What's more relaxing to spend this valentines than lying in the grass and watching the stars. The night's breeze might be in your favor that she requires your hug and cuddling. If you can afford it, bring a green laser pointer to play with.

7. Volunteer.
    Rather than spending your money just impressing her, why not spend it well by helping the poor. With the proper gesture and attitude, you might just be able to pull off a "Handsome and generous" compliment from your date.

8. Have a movie marathon.
    If you're low on cash, then just rent a bunch of movies that you are sure your lover will want. With no stress of choosing the right dress or restaurant reservations, this is one of the best ideas that might just pull you off from trouble this valentines.

9. Play cards.
    If you are into that naughty ideas, strip poker is always there to save your ass from a boring night. Hell, it will even spice up the long cold relationship you might be having. Playing cards can enhance your communication skills together as you try to outwit each other with bluffs and teases.

10. Fireworks Display.
    This February, there are a lot of malls that throw small fireworks show at night but if you both are willing to wait a day longer and spend valentines the next day, The Mall of Asia will be hosting one of the most awaited shows in the Philippines. The 5th Phillipine International Pyromusical Competition.
    Tickets are at reasonable prices and don't forget that you are already at the mall and at the bay side and there are a lot of things to do there while waiting. Watching the sun set is not a bad idea too. Seeing that almost every couple in the metro go there to see the setting sun even if it's not valentines day. Because you can get to cuddle and watch something beautiful together, it won't be something to forget about in a long time.

11. Cooking Together.
    For you food lovers(yes, you!), test out that cooking skills your parents taught you. Aside from getting some quality alone time, cooking together will also encourage the both of you to have fun and be romantic at the same time! Who knows - you might find it so interesting that cooking together will forever be a tradition in your relationship.

12. Bowling.
    If you think rolling balls to hit some pins is just a stress reliever, think again. There are many couples who find removing stress together is easier than doing it alone, and it's one of the best excuse to compliment her healthy/sexy body. You can even have a friendly competition with each other if you want to. The loser will strip tease for the other or something like that. Just do it once you're home though, don't strip tease in the bowling alley. However, be sure to generate some chemistry while playing and avoid awkward silences. Cheer for her when it's her turn, and celebrate her shots even if it wasn't even a strike. Some bowling alleys have some disco music playing in the background so you can dance to celebrate each shot. There are a lot of bowling alleys that are open this coming Valentines and here are some options for you:
        Mall Of Asia
        Playdium Araneta